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Mediation Services: {ABM} Mediation/Conflict Coaching

Elder/ Adult Family & Faith-based

what is mediation?

Mediation: a neutral person called a “mediator” helps the parties try to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute.  The mediator does not decide the case, but helps the parties communicate so they can try to settle the dispute themselves.  Mediation may be particularly useful when family members, neighbors, or business partners have a dispute.  Mediation may be inappropriate if a party has a significant advantage in power or control over the other.

Conflict Coaching: Conflict coaching can be used as a tool before a mediation session or as stand alone method. It is a one-on-one process to develop conflict understanding, interaction strategies and or interaction skills. It allows one to work out a plan of action that will give them the power to face the conflict at hand.

elder/adult family mediation:

As baby boomers age and government resources diminish, we will face many difficult choices how we handle transitions during our elder’s declining years. Families will have to be able to evaluate resources and options and develop ever-changing strategies to support their elders. This will require communication and problem solving skills that will need to evolve as rules and regulations within our health care system changes. Elder/Adult Family Mediation is a rational first step for families to help them in their changing needs. It gives them a forum to exchange and exposes those feelings that may affect the decision making and emotional health of all involved.

faith-based mediation:

Faith-based Mediation will take on different meanings according to the mediator. The foundation of offering Faith-Based mediation must start with spirituality and not ones personal faith, yet allowing those entering into mediation know that their faith is honored in a scared space, allowing them to be heard without it being brushed aside.

The principals of mediation does not change, therefore the mediator must be knowledgeable in world religions with the understanding of how the dynamics of community and faith plays a role and how conflict entwines with ones belief system. Resolution comes when the parties understanding the basis of ones decision-making may be by using faith as part of they’re decision making process.


Leslie Short is a certified mediator with NY State as well as certified mediator in Elder/Adult Family Mediation & Faith-Based Mediation and Conflict Coaching.

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