ABM is available to conduct seminars, workshops and round table discussions with clergy, funeral directors and church members.

Sample Seminar: 
Instruct present Church staff on the etiquette of Bereavement Management. Included but not limited to the items listed above and the following:
  • Prepare a checklist for church family members
  • Prepare checklist for funerals held at church by non-church members
  • Pre-arranged music selections
  • Prepare Church guidelines and bylaws for funerals (including parking)
  • Pre-arranged associations with printers, hotels, car services, restaurants in the area
  • How to prepare funeral production schedules and timings
  • Family service kits (water, tissue, mints)
  • Understand the process of Elder/Adult Mediation and how it can be useful for families.
  • Faith-Based Mediation

Sample Seminar:
Invite clergy, funeral director, estate attorneys and health care personal to discuss the process from dying to death.

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