Our Services

  • Liaison between Family, Church and Funeral Home
  • Greet Family and be on hand for them during both viewing and funeral services
  • Assure Sanctuary/ restrooms are cleaned and ready for family
  • Assure Flowers are placed where all those that are seated are able to have a clear view of the service
  • Assure Funeral Home has needed information pertaining to the church: exits, entrance, parking
  • Time keeper-start time and finishing time of service
  • Follow up with family to let them know the church and church family are there if needed
  • Forward information to the Grief and Bereavement group so they can be made aware of the death in the church
  • Elder/Adult Family Mediation
  • Faith-Based Mediation

In addition to the above duties ABM can work with the families on the programs, dressing of the body and any other details needed to assure a less stressful time for the family.

Please call or email for pricing.

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