My Gift of Grace

My Gift of Grace is a conversation game. In the box, you’ll find an instruction sheet, 47 Question Cards, and 24 Thank You Chips. During each turn, all the players have a chance to share their answers to the same question, trading chips as part of the game play.

Questions in the game cover a wide variety of topics about living and dying well, and games can last anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours or more.

The game can be played by families, co-workers, teams, strangers, or a mix of any of these. There are no age restrictions or experiences you need to have before you play. The game adjusts itself to the level of comfort of the players and to how long a group wishes to play.

My Gift of Grace
My Gift of Grace

If you feel the game may not work for your family or friends then  {ABM} mediation can help bring everyone to the table or {ABM} can come in and present different options and role plays for your family the what if…

My gift of grace is the perfect Holiday gift for the entire family.

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