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unnamed-300x100This is an amazing organization doing amazing things please take a moment to read what they are all about.

Family Lives On supports children and teens whose mother or father has died. The Tradition Program provides a gentle ritual that helps children who are grieving a profound loss.

Families actively communicate and connect by continuing traditions celebrated with their mother or father to maintain a healthy emotional bond with the deceased parent. The longevity and continuity of our Tradition Program nurtures these connections throughout the child’s development, helping them adapt to the death over time. The average child participates for 7.2 years.

Additionally, families self-select into our child-focused program and have ongoing contact with us allowing us to be a service point of referral to other bereavement organizations.

Won’t you please share this information with grieving families and those who care for them?

With many thanks,

Chris Cavalieri, Executive Director

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