Dealing with Grief

In Chinese medicine, the element associated with autumn is Metal. Grief is the challenging emotion of the Metal element and its lesson is learning to let go. Grief is a cleansing period as we move away from things that are no longer in our lives. It is the transition between what was (or what could have been) and what is. A blockage or imbalance of the energy of Metal can cause our expression of grief to become imbalanced and inappropriate. For some, it may be excessive and ongoing expelling of emotion, for others it may be that they cannot express their grief. In both cases, imbalances of grief often lead to feelings of anxiety and detachment, or a sense of being overwhelmed.

Suggestions for moving forward:

DECLUTTER  Go through your closet, desk, garage, medicine cabinet – any cluttered storage area-and discard what you no longer need. Then donate, sell, or otherwise circulate what might be of value to others.

REFLECT  Take a mental inventory: Examine attitudes (prejudices, envies, hatreds, jealousies, resentments) stored within your psyche. When possible, contact those with whom you harbor old “stuff.” Attempt to resolve the hurtful old issues, and then let them go.

RELEASE  For issues you cannot resolve directly with others, or for old issues with yourself, write them on paper, being as specific as possible. Then burn the paper, symbolically releasing the content.

BREATHE  Take time each day to breathe slowly and deeply. As you inhale the clean autumn air, feel yourself energized and purified. Feel the old negativity, impurity, and pain leave your body and psyche. Then contemplate briefly who you are without these identifications.

Written by: Courtney Burbela for Cornerstone Healing

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